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Floating airvent UFO lamp comes home via dumpster dive!

Sunday, May 6th, 2012


OK, you know I’ve been doing this thing way too long when I wind-up dumpster diving my own lamp! Seriously, this is one of the first ones I built 10-15 years ago, even before I was taking pictures of them. Last month, I step out to walk the dog and she’s afraid of something outside. Then I see this lamp sitting on my porch and I was, like, “that’s frickin’ cool…hey, I made that!” Apparently, a friend found it next to a dumpster when someone was moving and thought I’d like it — he didn’t know it was mine. AND another funny thing, I had walked past that dumpster a couple of times and saw some stuff that piqued my interest, but I never pursued it. So I guess I dumpstered it, once removed?!

It had obviously been well taken care of and the only problem was the top glass was cracked from being knocked over. It was interesting to work on it and see how I used to do things. And there was one moment of “oh, I should have done this instead,” in regards to bolting it all together. I also specifically remember trying to keep it lightweight so as not to complicate it’s floatiness. But I still used glass on the top. I’m a bit over the loathing of plastic now, so I used that material for it’s 2.0.

Welcome home old friend. Now that you’re all fixed-up, we’ll find you a new one. And since I’ve squirrelled away parts to make another, maybe we’ll get you a sister/companion too.