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Ships Happen!

UFOs at Antimatter-Gallery Artswalk

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

ufo promo1

Walk, run and fly down to Antimatter Gallery to see my latest UFO creations during Artswalk in Olympia.

Friday, April 22
Saturday, April 23

Antimatter Gallery
200 Thurston Ave NE

watch NEWLY declassified video and sightings of my UFOs:
you know you want to believe!



AND then find me at the UFO Festival


Friday and Saturday
May 13th and May 14th

Downtown McMinnville, OR
(3rd & Davis)

pw stickers

Me and my Star Trek desk

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

pat tassoni with leonard nimoy aka spock star trek Last Halloween I brought my Star Trek desk down to the Matter! Gallery. I originally built it in my home office for a halloween reveal in 2002. It’s TOS style with three monitors and is basically Spock’s station or where Uhura worked. I of course brought some of my rayguns and dressed like the devil for fun. Read below.

Tassoni home office is a spaceship, whose full-size command center of the Starship Enterprise is built completely from repurposed materials

And I built a Captain Kirk Chair too! See pictures of my Captain Kirk Chair & Star Trek Enterprise Bridge/Desk

Read more about it in an interview with me:

Olympia’s Matter Gallery transforms into ‘Star Trek’ set, Hell for Halloween event
Star Trek Enterprise Desk and Captain Kirk Chair



whatcha got that I can buy, pat, like right now!

Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Click here for AVAILABLE projects OR to see what I have up currently in my ETSY shop and on eBay. If you see something that you’d like for yourself or as a gift for someone else, send me an email and we can figure it out: contact

I am mentioned by name and a photo of my work in the current issue [June/July] of American Craft magazine in an article [Bohemian Rhapsody] on the Olympia scene and Antimatter Gallery. Get your copy today!

Photos and videos of Pat-Works projects. Refresh to see more or click on image to go to archive.

In the desert no one can hear you scream

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

From a recent trip to the desert…I packed my ray guns for appropriate promotional shots of course. It was hot!

I’ve done another a 50’s prototypical


vasquez rayguns

pat and his rayguns at vasquez rocks

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